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”Success is getting what you want, Happiness is wanting what you get

You see lots of quotes and positive messages floating round the net. This site included. But only a few ‘Get to ya soul.’ I did just write that because I know, you know. The ones which manage to demystify a chunk of your life with just a simple but worldly line. You’ve probably got one as a display picture on your social media…Well the one above got my soul.


I’ve just Googled the quote, for you know, serious journalistic info, like being able to tell you who wrote it. The author was a writer/lecturer called Dale Carnegie..and the quote which got me… is from one of his self-help books.


Ok I’ve had time to digest. That’s absolutely fine. Can’t knock good words. In fact somebody has asked me IRL if this is a self-help/advice type website..well no, it’s not meant to be. I guess a self-help book is a writers way of spreading happiness. Kind of what I want this site to be. Not in a ‘My blog makes you sooo happy’ kind of way. Just in the sense that anybody can create content to put on the web and it’s just nice to have a little place to read some positive sh*t sometimes. I don’t really know how to explain that without the waffle.

Well, that certainly went somewhere. I’d like to reward you for your loyalty and commitment for reading to the end. So here’s a bonus pic..I know, I know, you’re happy.

positive wave

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