Adult tantrum…sounds familiar? Let me take you back to a moment in time a few weeks ago..

*Flashback Music*

Sitting at the home dining table I was typing away like my arse was on fire trying to complete a report to send into work on time. I’d gotten the bulk of it done and thought I’d have a cup of tea and a biscuit (this means 6+ biscuits) before continuing on. I essentially bribe myself with sweet baked goods. To those who work at home may I warn this can be a dangerous habit and without a manager to watch you it can all quite easily turn into “Finished typing a sentence, biscuit tiiiime!” and then you strip your top off and twirl it manically above your head to celebrate. Just because you can. Your dance may differ slightly.

I digress

Biscuit time over I go straight back to the lappy tappy (aka laptop). I give the built in mouse pad a gentle stroke for nothing to happen. After a strokes I started jabbing the screen. Fists clenched and a few little table pounds later the laptop switches off. I grit my teeth but decide to give it the benefit of the doubt whilst it reloads, waiting to see if any work has been saved. It hasn’t. I calmly walk to the armchair and sit down. I’m going to be calm about this.

That’s when I lose my shit

I lift my legs up onto the armchair in a demonic like twist before writhing about in anger and ending up with my head where my feet should be and my legs kicking in the air. I then do a backwards roll off of the armchair onto the floor. All whilst roaring I should add.

It wasn’t pretty

*Back to the present music*

What did I learn from this? That I could do a backward roll of a chair. No seriously it would have been better to breathe, count to 10 and just chill the f*ck down. If you react when you’re aggravated and worked up everything instantly gets magnified by 1000000 and seems like this massively uncontrollable thing. When really it’s not. Everything is easier when you’re calm.

How do you handle it when somebody gets you worked up? Comment below as somebody (most likely me) could really find it useful! xx

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