alien-flower-eyeImagine you draw the same picture a 1000 times. Now would that make you a better artist or would it make you really great at drawing just that one picture? If you played the same song on the piano 1000 times would that make you a great pianist or again really perfect at just that one song?

I assume a lot of you reading this are writers/creators of some sort – websites, artists etc. Well sometimes I think it can be easy to get ‘stuck’ into creating the same thing or at least very similar things if you are not challenging yourself. OK so that wasn’t eloquently put but..

The point of practicing (obviously apart from the fact you may like it) is to improve. But if you keep on practicing at the same level/same thing are you ever really improving?

Take a moment to think about this:

Would you rather be top of the bottom, or bottom of the top?

curly shouldersI guess what I’m saying is make sure you are consistently challenging yourself. Up your level of practice and don’t be afraid to make mistakes in order to improve.

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