The words are meant to be case you thought ‘I can’t see the words’

The other day I had 2 men in the space of an hour stop to tell me to smile. One man in a van thought it appropriate (it wasn’t) to shout out to me in slow moving traffic whilst the second tutted his disdain that I (his words) ‘Look so damn miserable for a sunny day’. Which to me translates as: ‘Smile you sour faced b*tch’….

Oh I AM SORRy…actually no wait I’m not…cause it’s MY f*cking face 

I understand people are trying to be friendly.. but really? Would a man tell another stranger man that ‘He should smile because he’s beautiful’? Would a woman say to another woman ‘Look happy, it’s hot’?

Adding to this Mr Caramel told me a story about a female customer at his place of work who looked upset and how a male colleague of his told her ‘To smile’… And she did..(it works for some people then!?)

If I saw somebody in distress then of course I would see if I could help but I draw the line at trying to play Houdini with peoples faces by use of magic words. In my mind if someone has a miserable face it’s because:

A. They are miserable or B. That’s just their face.

I don’t know if this is a British thing or a man thing. Or just a thing nice people do and I’m clearly not one of them. Would you tell a stranger to smile? Are you a woman who has said this to another woman? Are you a man who says it to other men? What kind of reactions have you gotten?

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