let it go

It can be easy to hold onto something just because it’s easier than letting it go

This can apply to anything in your life. Relationships, emotions, memories etc.

It’s all too easy to stay in the same place rather than to face change. But in order to ‘let it go’ you first have to face the fact you are holding onto negative baggage and then decide whether you want to keep on lugging it around or break free.

Of course painful emotions and memories can be some of the hardest things to get rid off. All of our life experiences have shaped us and helped form how we respond and deal with life situations. I get that. But if you want to ‘let it go’ you have to commit to the idea of resolving past issues and realizing life will and does go on. Accept whatever happened in the past and make peace with yourself in order to be able to move on with your life.

Get rid of anything which is not serving you positively in life. Whatever it may be. Free yourself and let it all go.


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  1. […] So everything was going smashingly (<–haha) until we had finished and I noticed he was no longer chewing. Thinking this strange I asked about the gum for him to reply he had ‘Put it out’. Now not wanting to be a nag I didn’t question further but could not help thinking ‘But where!?’ We were in a tiny room banging and I had not seen him put this gum anywhere. Only to not ruin the post sex vibe I let it go. […]


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