curly gravity

Have you ever had a problem which feels like it’s taking over your whole life? You try to shut it away in the metaphorical cupboard in your mind but it keeps on threatening to burst open…

..and take over

That ish deepI know you know that we’ve all been there.

When you feel suffocated by a problem just stop and try to look at it from a third-party view. If a friend came to you with the issue you’re having, how would you advise them? You wouldn’t say “Dwell in it friend and let it consume you”. I’m sure you’d be able to comfort them as well as think of a logical solution with a positive outcome. It’s so easy to be positive for others and beat ourselves up. Be good to you too.

Put it all into Proportion

Lets be real (this is serious stuff). You may have problem/s now but they will not last forever. Time goes on. Just don’t be hard on yourself in the meantime..(I mean this in a strong, fist pumping kind of way)

Love issues? THIS could help


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