Curly advice email


Do you have problems in love? Feel like your heart has been turned into stone…that was until the next b*st*rd came along and managed to grind it down to sand? Or are you the Sahara desert and can’t wait for the next dunk in the waterhole? Got questions but no answers? Well look no further…

YES to you if you looked further..


Hopefully your problems are not so… problematic, but even if they are I may have the answer you need. I mean this literally. I’m starting a new segment where I’ll help to advise people on their personal ‘Love stuff’  issues – which really is as broad as it sounds.

The bit where I sell myself

No problem can be too embarrassing, too small, too nothing. There’s no judging!

I’m not some sort of professional love guru master buutttt I know some stuff CLICK HERE (for proof).


  • Problems you need advice on can be sent to
  • Everything is ANONYMOUS, your name and other personal details will NOT be shared
  • The emails will be published to the site (only edited before publishing to make shorter or to remove any personal information) along with the advice given

Hope this answers everything, if not just ask!


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