Hindsight vs Foresight


People always mention hindsight when talking about their life (me included). “In hindsight I’d of done this/I wouldn’t have done that”. Blah blah, bloody blah. What about having a bit of foresight people?

Obviously it’s impossible to try and foresee everything (If it was I’d be sunning it up on a beach right now with my lottery winnings..and Mr Caramel) but that doesn’t mean it can’t help you. Try and only use hindsight as an experience to learn from rather then a memory to constantly repeat. There is no point beating yourself up about things that have already happened and you can no longer change.

To combat negativity I use foresight as a tool to remind myself everything will be OK. If I feel down or something just generally shit has happened I remind myself I won’t feel that way forever. It’s my own silver lining to a dark cloud and helps bring positivity back.

The truth of it is I hate hindsight. I think it’s a dumb word with a dumb meaning, unless you genuinely learn something from a situation. Otherwise hindsight is just a word used that allows you to question and judge your past actions. What’s the point?


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