How to have it all

Trying to have it all

There is too much pressure on women. Too much pressure to have your whole life mind mapped out by the time you hit your thirties. I still have time left to try to do some figuring out but the truth is sometimes, I feel like I’m being stalked by a huge ticking alarm clock reminding me to hurry the F up.

So my twenties to do list (made in my teens) has massive gaping holes in what I feel like I should have already achieved. How does that make me feel? Like I’m behind (real question is ‘How can somebody be behind in life?’, it’s not a race…the finishing line is death!)

So how am I going to achieve this list in my twenties?

I’m not and that’s OK. All of the things I want will happen (sort of links back to this post HERE).


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know why then evaluate your life, really break down what makes you happy. See what is important to you right now and what you can realistically achieve. For example if you want to be married before you’re 26.5, you only have so much control in the situation and could face disappointment if it doesn’t go to plan. Instead focus on realistic goals like saving hard to move out, learning that extra skill at work to make you stand out. Work on mini goals which all contribute to your bigger life plans.

Get it? Break the b*st*rd list down!

(PS This isn’t age or gender specific it’s LIFE specific)


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