how to deal with bad neighbours


Exhibit 1

Neighbours, neighbours, (sigh) neighbours.

I’ll explain the back story. Basically I have a rogue neighbour/s around who thinks it is
perfectly dandy to block the communal bin chute and leave rubbish underneath it! What the was my initial thought. I decided a nicely worded (slightly humorous, if I may say) letter stuck above the chute could help the culprits realise their wrong doings. A sort of ‘We know someone is doing it and we don’t like it so F-ing STOP‘ but I like to think the ‘funny’ kept it light, more like a gentle beckon to come back and join the good chute people.

And how the did the chute culprit respond…

By ripping down the poster

OK OK. Clearly my poster had been seen and the following weeks we all enjoyed a happy bin environment.


Exhibit 2

…The little sh**s went and blocked it again (real photo evidence here btw)! So this time I went a little cray (may have thrown something, yelled and almost got caught by a stranger man doing so) and went super sized with the next poster. Basically I stuck 4 A4 pieces of paper together with parcel tape, clearly I’m not one for craft, just bad ass words…

They ended up ripping this poster down quicker then the first..So where do I take it from here? A larger poster, just stake the place out..what? 


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