10 Things all London neighbours share

LONDON neighbours

I’ve lived in a few different areas of London but one thing that changes but always stays the same (no, that is not a typo) are the neighbours.

Ten things I’ve discovered all london neighbours share:

1.You will never know your neighbours

2.You know the local corner shop man better
then said neighbours

3.Somebody will always think a parking space is ‘theirs’ just because it’s outside their house

4.If somebody knocks who you don’t know you will secretly eyeball them from the window/spyhole until they leave…

5.then you wonder who they were and what they wanted

6.There will never be anywhere to park on your street when football is on the TV

7.If you f**k in your garden, you will be seen

8.Next door neighbours will knock to tell you there will be some noise tonight as they are having a party..

9.but they won’t invite you

10.Neighbourhood Watch is mainly an excuse for your neighbours to stare into your window, with binoculars…

Have I missed anything off the list? Comment below if you can think of any more!


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