Why you shouldn’t judge


I used to be a little Miss Judgy Judgerson (basically I was a bitch who judged people). I’d look at someone or hear something and I’d have an opinion based on, well nothing.

I’m sure we have all been guilty of similar thoughts:

Older man and younger woman together…Gold digger; A girl covered in designer stuff…Rich Daddy’s girl; Homeless man…Drug addict


Now my question is WHO the hell am to judge!?

I do not know any of these people or their back story, good or bad. Neither do you…

I’ve heard that people are able to form an opinion on others within ten seconds of first meeting/seeing them. An interesting experiment would be to get a bunch of the most diverse people possible, take away their clothing and replace them with bin bags, remove all traces of make up and other superficial things and then have them line up.

You think you could still tell a King apart from a Pauper?

Strip it all down and what are we?


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