Why social media could be making you depressed

Social Media

Social media has made it so easy to compare. It can be easy to see people around the world doing great, looking great and causing you to eventually feel…not so great.

When you think of comparing you immediately link it to jealousy. I however think people are now comparing the lives of others to their own, causing them to feel inferior. The thoughts of:

‘What am I doing with my life?’

‘I’m not where I should be’

‘I’m not doing good enough’

‘I’m a failure’

If you have ever thought anything similar to the above please don’t feel you are alone. The fact you feel these things shows you have ambition and you just want to better yourself and your life. What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing! Just rethink and turn these thoughts in positive ones:

‘I’m living MY life’

‘I’m living MY life and will achieve MY goals along the way’

‘I am doing good enough’

‘I’m achieving just by trying’

Thinking negatively influences every inch of your being. Be positive about yourself and others, and you will immediately feel the difference (I PROMISE!) I know it can seem difficult but think of it like this:

Negative thoughts = Unhappy feelings = Unhappy you

Positive thoughts = Happy feelings = The best happiest YOU

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride and work for what you want. Just because you don’t have it now doesn’t mean you never will. You can and you will do it. There is no rush, no time limit, no expiry date. Whether you are 1 or 100 there is time. Create your own positive mantras (or copy the above) and live by them.



  1. Love this post! I recently decided to not check my Facebook for one month to see if it makes any kind of difference in my Life. I can say that i have never had so much time on my hands as i do now. My Children and husband loves my new found attention.


    • Thank you Lena! That is will power not checking for a month!! I don’t even have Facebook but I know how addictive it can be..Do you think you’ll ever go back or is it out of your life forever? PS. Haha lucky children and husband!

      Liked by 1 person

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