When is the right time to have sex?

When to have sex

When is the right time to have sex? First date or wedding night?

The truth is there is no correct time, you do it when you want. Scared of being called a slag/slut/hussy/whore by men and women? STUFF THEM! Don’t let outside people influence your life, you make decisions for your own body and then you own your choices.

I’ve heard stories about people who have shagged on the first date only to end up to go on and marry the person. Similarly I’m sure there are stories of people who have waited a long time to have sex and have ended up breaking up soon after. There is no winning formula. If you are waiting to have sex with someone until you become ‘official’ then that’s fine too. Just don’t try and use your vagina as the secret weapon. If a man isn’t crazy about you then sex isn’t going to change that.

If you came across this article by Googling the subject then you probably shouldn’t be having sex with the person. Same thing applies if you are having to ask your friends what to do, just NO!

Own your VJ people – You wash it, so you decide who goes there!


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