How to know if you have a supportive partner

the astronaut

Your partner needs to be able to dream with you. The biggest part of opening up is not your legs, it’s sharing your deepest hopes and dreams. The ones you don’t want to tell people for fear they may laugh.

If I told Mr Caramel (my boyfriend FYI) I wanted to be an Astronaut I know he’d sit down with me and help work out a plan as to how I could become one. Now there are a million reasons why I will never be an Astronaut (the D in GCSE science for a start) but I don’t need him to point out each and every reason why I can’t do it. There are so many people in the world who will tell you “It’s impossible/You’ll never do it”. None of this means anything to me, especially because I have my very own personal cheerleader.

Of course you can be single and achieve your dreams! I am in no way saying you need somebody. The point is if you are in a relationship, make sure it’s one full of positivity and support. There is nothing more toxic then a negative person who wants to bring you down and mocks what you want.

Want to find out if you have your own cheerleader? Tell your partner you want to be an Astronaut and see what they say…



  1. […] Mr Caramel and I go cray (in a good way) when we do this. One of us (me) will shout “To the wrestling arena” and we’ll try to pin each other down on the living room rug. (I must add this is a massive ego boost for me as I’ve discovered I’m somewhat of a fighting master. I’m talking pinning with my knees here – I’ll let you use your imagination). It’s fun and makes us laugh together. However I understand wrestling may not float your boat. So find something else. Solve a puzzle, play Monopoly, go to the gym, just do something. […]


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