How to get any man

beyonce pose
^^^You don’t have to be able to do this ^^^

So you like somebody? You dream of holding hands and bouncing your uglies together? You need to read this..

Forget Games

We’ve all heard that playing hard to get is the way to make somebody interested. The perfect level of available but unavailable. Bull shite. Play games and you will be labelled as a game player (and rightly so). Be upfront and if the person thinks that makes you ‘too available’ then f him (not literally..well only if you want to). Things should be easy, which leads me on to my next point.

Do Not Chase

You’re allowed to make the first move whether this be the first text after initial contact or after any dates. However if you are always the one making contact first, you should question this.  Also if the person does not  get back to you then just leave them be. There is no such thing as being ‘too busy’ to make contact. I don’t care if the person is holding down 5 jobs and volunteers at a soup kitchen, everybody shits – he can text you from the toilet. You see my point? When you want something you find time. It is nothing but rude if somebody doesn’t get back to you. Your friends and family wouldn’t do this so why are you letting a man? No one is worth loosing your self respect over.

“He Won’t Be Interested In Me If I’m Too Available”

Do you believe the statement above to be true about your situation? If you do then I would seriously question the type of relationship you are building with this person. Whether it is just a sexual one full of lust or whether it is something with potential. Strong relationships are not built on games of cat and mouse. If the only high you get from one another is from playing games then what will your relationship together actually be like? The person needs to ignite some real excitement in you, whether that be through great convos, hours of debates, banter or shared interests. Ask yourself this; ‘Does he excite you or are you excited by the games he plays?’

Be You

Don’t ever change to make somebody like you. It may work in the short term but long term you’ll be discovered. More to the point the person should like you for you and if he doesn’t…then bye!

Know When You’re Flogging A Dead Horse

You have followed the steps above and have made it quite clear that you like him/her and you’re definitely interested in pursuing something. If they are still playing games then..move on. There is a world full of people out there, if it doesn’t work then leave. Be good to yourself.  


Your life is the film you get to play the lead actress in. Think of these men as the extras in the play who if suitable for the part you can promote to a more leading role. You’re the star, YOU decide who gets to star in YOUR film!



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