How to argue

I don’t care how ‘perfect’ you and your partner are, he/she is still guaranteed to p*ss you off. This is something I found hard to grasp and would often bite my tongue when annoyed.

Sometime on and I’ve realised the shut up method will build resentment, and boy can it build. I’d find myself watching TV and casting my bf the dirtiest looks I could produce, much to his bewilderment. That confused face would piss me off even more and I’d wonder ‘how can he not know why’?  Errr because he isn’t a mind reader, that’s why.

I thought I could bury angry feelings/murderous thoughts but after an incident in the kitchen where I exploded over a sandwich I knew I couldn’t. I got so annoyed that I threw my glasses off my face and screamed like Tarzan. I then had to blindly pat around the floor trying to find them whilst my bf just watched. I ended up storming off angry and glasses-less.

My point? Just say if something has annoyed you. A simple I didn’t like that because of X,Y and Z is much better (and dignified) then a screaming match.

PS. No men were hurt in the telling of this story


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